I Exist October 7, 2014

This short documentary was created for International Documentary Film Festival. From the day we were given topic for the documentary, we were supposed to complete entire production within 5 days.

You vs Me October 7, 2014

This is a scene from a short film that tells the story of a struggling man who is quick to judge others. When he chooses to help a boy, he is quick to judge his mother. He soon finds out that he is no different than others.

Beneath The Surface October 7, 2014

This is a 3 minute short film. Goal here is we can tell a story without dialogue. A young man loses his job and the incident sends him worrying about his future. An chance encounter with a homeless man helps him realize his own inner strength.

After The Party October 7, 2014

This 5 minute short film tells the story of a woman who finds hard to trust others. She breaks up from her fiancee to learn some new truth about herself.

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